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Each year, numerous visitors travel to Boston to experience the city’s amazing history. As one of America’s most charming and historically rich places, Boston offers numerous attractions, restaurants and, of course, shopping, to keep any visitor happy. Boston played a huge role in the founding of the United States, as it was on the shores of Cape Cod, just south of the present-day city, that English settlers arrived in the 1620s, fleeing religious persecution in their homeland. To this day, Boston maintains a rich historical atmosphere that is present just about everywhere, from its magnificent turn of the century brownstone buildings to its unique sense of culture.

Boston is also a very diverse city. It is home to numerous different ethnic groups, from Italian-Americans and Irish immigrants to Puerto Ricans and Chinese. What follows is that Boston maintains a high level of diversity in its restaurants and shopping options, as well as its very colorful population.

Many like to suggest that Boston is a working-class town, but the city has no shortage of amazing five-star hotels, restaurants and other delights that make Boston travel a pleasure. The city is, of course, chock full of historic attractions, many of which were buildings used in the founding of the United States and the American Revolution, which saw the U.S. gain its independence from England. To get a sense of this amazing history, one needs only to spend a day walking down the Freedom Trail, a designated tourist path that allows visitors to follow in the footsteps of Paul Revere’s famed midnight horseback ride through the streets of Boston in 1775, during which he proclaimed “The British are coming!” to warn the citizens of the start of the Revolutionary War.

Boston’s heavy amount of history might be overwhelming if it wasn’t such a charming and walkable city that is also full of fantastic shopping and restaurants, which help take the edge off. From browsing the upmarket shops along Newbury Street to getting authentic chow mein in Chinatown or supping on a luscious pint of Guinness in one of the city’s true Irish pubs, there is almost nothing you can’t find in Boston.

The city also maintains a very healthy cultural scene, with numerous museums, galleries, theater and opera options open throughout the year. The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston is considered one of the top art museums in the U.S., and the Boston Pops is the city’s beloved orchestra, most famous for playing a round of popular songs during the Independence Day fireworks display each July 4.

Whether you want to enjoy high culture and history or just take in a good old Red Sox baseball game at Fenway Park, filling out a Boston travel itinerary is never a problem!

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